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Flying Scot Racing offers several innovative products for your Flying Scot Sailboat.

If you you have any questions please call 732-319-7735 or email fs2929@optonline.net.  
Ask for Dan.  
We look forward to talking to you.  

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The items below are the items we custom make for the Flying Scot.

Flying Scot stainless winch crank with handle

Please note that if this crank is used improperly it can cause damage to your winch assembly.  Please do not over tighten or force your winch assembly when using this crank.

Stainless Winch Crank w/handle


Makes rasing the sails easy and comfortable.
* $6.50 shipping. 
Plus$20 surcharge (50% off by ordering direct)

  Flying Scot Winch Cranks with Handle

Please note that standard Aluminum winch cranks are designed to break if forced to prevent damage to the winch assembly.  FSR does not warranty standard cranks against failure. FSR will warranty the handle if it falls off due to poor workmanship.  

Standard Aluminum Winch Crank w/handle
Now in 5 colors!!!

Green, Yellow, Red, White, Blue

Indicate colors

You can increase qty. after adding to cart.

Makes raising the sails easy and comfortable.
* $5.00 shipping

Flying Scot Racing MasterHelper

Mast Raising System


Flying Scot mast raising / stepping Device
* $18ea. Shipping and Handling. Plus$20 surcharge (50% off by ordering direct)
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Flying Scot Racing Always Ready Boarding Step

Always Ready Boarding Ladder


Attaches to the bolt that holds on the rudder blade, and is always ready with you need to climb into the boat.
*$5 shipping and handling.
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New items will be added periodically, so please return often.
Order by Credit Card using a secure service, ,


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