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Capital District
Carolina District
Florida District
Greater NY District
Gulf District
MI & Ontario District
Midwestern District
New England District
NY Lakes District
Ohio District
Pacific District
Prairie District
Texas District
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Flying Scot  District Fleets and Clubs.

State District Fleet # Fleet Name Sailing Area Location
MI Michigan - Ontario 8  Edison Boat Club  Lake Saint Clair  Detroit
MI  Michigan - Ontario 9  Klinger Lake  Klinger Lake  Sturgis
MI  Michigan - Ontario 15  Gull Lake  Gull Lake  Kalamazoo
MI  Michigan - Ontario 16  Detroit Yacht Club  Detroit River, Lake St. Clair  Detroit
MI  Michigan - Ontario 20  Portage Yacht Club  Portage Lake  Pinckney
MI  Michigan - Ontario 41  Crystal Lake  Crystal Lake  Crystal
MI  Michigan - Ontario 182  Crescent Yacht Club  Lake Saint Clair  Grosse Pointe
Ontario  Michigan - Ontario 148  Stony Lake Yacht Club  Stony Lake  Stony Lake
Ontario  Michigan - Ontario 164  Muskoka Big Ben Sailing Club  Muskoka Lake  Muskoka Lake
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Flying Scot Racing Code flags

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